Finding a Nanny who will fit into your family’s unique needs is one of the things that Super Sitters tries hard to accomplish.

The one thing I hear all the time from my clients is that they need the Nanny to be FLEXIBLE. I understand that completely having been a mom of three myself. When on vacation. who knows what they want to do on say a Tuesday afternoon three weeks from today!

So this is a unique booking that I offer for my clients. If you want to hire a nanny for a least 6 consecutive days-or more-and can guarantee an average of 7 hours a day for the days you need, then you do not need to give Super Sitters a schedule. You let me know what starting time you want the first day,then as your nanny leaves each day, you let her know what you want the next day.

This has proven over the last 20 years to be one of my clients favorite ways to book a Nanny for their family vacations.

The pay scale is the same, but you do not need to adhere to the 4 and 5 hour minimums.(with extended care there is a short 2 hour minimum for a shift and a 2 hour minimum break) You do not need to give me an hourly schedule for each day.The nanny can leave-if you want and come back- or she can stay through for longer days. The same nanny will be assigned to you if the arrangements are made in advance. It is truly a wonderful way to have a great vacation in Sun Valley.

PLEASE call if you have questions or want to talk about the way this is arranged. I know it is a different way to book, but after trying it you will never want to go back to exact schedules and times!!!

Thanks for checking into Super Sitters